I am a Berlin based fibre artist. In addition I develop workshops with focus on contents that bring together handwork practices and social interaction.


Images from Eternal Work catalogue: download.


Golden Hands workshops

To have golden hands, a saying in Hebrew that means everything you make with your hands is as good as gold, is not about being highly skill in one technique, but rather having an ability to make beautiful things.

Being guided by this saying throughout my life and inspired from old-world social gathering around handicrafts, I developed a platform for workshops focusing on the essence of making with the hands, as a tool for generating self-observations and communication.

This platform is open for collaborations with other artists from a variety of fields and interests, as well as educational institutions.

CroCHAT workshops

These workshops are conceived as site-specific installations which take their shape from social activity within a group, based on the handicraft technique of the crochet. The mutual creation process leads to experiencing a different way of communication, one that is based and guided by making, hence CroCHAT – the combination of crocheting and chatting.

The platform is intended to assist group of people – teams, co-workers, managements, etc. – in expending or optimizing their communication channels for the benefit of their creativity, both in terms of working relations and tasks. While allowing a longer process is much advisable, the format can be adjusted to different time spans.

Fashion Designer 2000-2013

Eva & Bernard

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I was born in Haifa, Israel in 1970. Being a granddaughter of immigrants had a great influence on my childhood and choices throughout life.
My journey with textile started at an early age, learning from my grandmother, who shared with me her vast knowledge, the basics and beauty of the handcraft.

That was my passage years later to fashion design, starting with deconstructing and customizing while using old household textile and clothes, which led me to open my own boutique and label ‘Nait’ in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Later I collaborated with husband and business partner Roey Vollman and together we founded in Berlin Eva & Bernard, an international women fashion brand.

Becoming a mother and an immigrant myself has turned/reversed my focus back to my foundation and the relevance of handwork in my life.
Realizing I use textile and threads to connect between past and present, I employ now this understanding to connect between people, through workshops that give place for exploring own creativity but also for sharing knowledge, experiences and engaging with one another.

I can be contacted through studio@naitrosenfelder.com.

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